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Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

Super Quattro Silverstar

The new model Siverstar has been created for Musikmesse in Frankfurt 2015 and also officialy presenting during the exhibition. Silverstar has been enriched with even more details comparing to the classic Super Quattro. The registers has been decorated with original Swarowski crystals. The wood case follows the precise curve that gives to the instrument more flexibility and beauty.

You do not need to make any effort in pulling the bellows.

The method and the production parameters are based on the glorious 60-70s, the gold age for handmade production of the high class accordions.


Piccolina Elegant special

The length if this accordion is 37.5 cm and it has 39 notes on the right side. It is 17 cm wide with 108 basses. The space on disposal has been all fulled. The weight is 8.8 kg but you will not feel the whole weight due to its small dimensions.The keyboard has been manufactured in a professional way on a 20.5 as any professional accordion and it is important as you will not feel the change from a small to a bigger accordion. This model has been done in a gold version and in a frisè maple tree fournir. Something special and unique.