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100% Italian luxury accordions
Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

Super Quattro Artist Explosion

New version of  a model Super Quattro Artist. together . A prestigous wood of maple frisè  and/or mahagony in which the reed blocks and whole the wood case have been made gives the particolar acosutics and resonance. The sound is amazing and the Explosion model maintains all the features of Super Quattro Artist. The customer has the possiblity to choose between aged maple frise wood ( limited edition) anf the mahagony. The black keys are all made in wood.

All the reed blocks are also made in aged maple frisè or in  mahagony. To have an idea about how it sounds , visit our Facebook page Siwa  Figli accordions and enjoy some videos.


Super Quattro Artist

A classic beauty and the choice of many professional accordionists

One of the most required models on the world market today. Created based on glorious methods, used in the 60s-70s ( the gold époque for producing accordions), this instruments maintains not only the glorious quality and the manufacturing method of the ancient instruments, but has also been created in a way to give the “handmade excellence” to the final client.



The new model made in white maple wood (55 years old. In Italian this tree is called "acero frisè) has been just finished. The maple wood has been then painted into the various colors ( avaliable are practically all colors from red to black etc). We called this model EMOTION as the combination of the 55 years old maple tree with the painting effect make you feel emotionally surprised ( estetically and also for the sound effect that the aged maple tree provides). All handmade with nadmade professional Siwa reeds



Latest model of our collection. The model with which we started our activity 35 years ago.

 The measures of the wood case are the same as Super Cobra model but the keyboard has the measures of Super Quattro artist. Limited edition. 


Super Quattro Luxury

One of the most requested instrument on the market.

A model created following the ancient working methods of the standards in the '60/'70 ties.( the gold epoque for handmade manufacture of accordions). This models shines not only with int glorious quality and ancient working methods, but it has been projected in order to give the excellence of handmade product to the customer.


Super Quattro Extra

The new model produced by Siwa & Figli. Super Quattro with bass valve decoupling shift which doubles the register combinations on the bass side. Beside this function, the model gives the possibility to the bass line to play in an indipendent way.


Super Quattro Artist Whitestar

The highest elegance reaches our new collection. Not only the quality of all parts in one, this specific model shines with  its elegance and hand made details.

From the bellow, which material is composed of a serious of high luminous hand made cotton parts to a grill, which details had been worked hand made through entire process.

Every detail has been taken into account in order to harmonise the beauty, the elegance and the top quality. Simply a jewel of Siwa & Figli collection.


Super Quattro

Siwa & figli manufactures accordions characterized by the handcrafted manufacturing process of the '60/'70.

The material is rigorously selected based on its natural characteristicas.

Each accordion responds instantly to the sound and all our collections combines the elegance together with the quality of sound.


Super Quattro 45

New model and concert instrument. It offers  all features of our classic Super Quattro Line , enhances with  an extended keyboard range E-C.


Super Quattro Compact

Lightness & Compactness in Super Quattro

The Super Quattro Model presents the compact version of the Super Quattro but without cassotto.


Super Quinta

Versatility & Sound richness in 5 Chores Instrument

Imagine the power of the Super Quattro now enhanced with a third set of clarinet reeds, tuned musette and added on demand to any of the 14 different treble sounds of the Super Quattro! The Super Quinta allows you enjoy the versatility of two different instruments and the joint power of all 5 sets of treble reeds. The treble switches design is the first of its kind. The third set of clarinet reeds can be activated by a chin switch and closed with the last treble switch. The palm master action is decoupled from the musette tuned reeds. Therefore, pressing the master will result in LMMH when the musette reeds are closed or in LMMMH when the musette reeds are active. There are 28 different treble sounds ranging from classic concert sounds, to mild vibrato, to brilliant tremolo, to rich 3-reed full musette. The tuning can be set to your preferences.


Super Cobra

Super Cobra  –  the lightnes & sound in only 11 kg

The Super Cobra  features 4/5 sets  of hand made reeds and double tone chamber in a compact body design with 18.5 (47 cm) long keyboard. and 11 kg weight. It has 13 registers on the  bass side and 9 registers on the keyboard. Perfectly suitable to all musicians who needs light and powerful insutrument, to all girls who need to combine singing, dancing and playing.

Starting from wood case to keyboard and basses side, all details have been combined  in order to respond instantly to the sound and it reaches the maximum of the lightness possible in order to offer to all musicians a new concept of high quality & lightness of the instrument.



Cobra – Power & Lightness 

Very light instrument (10,3 kg), available also as Cobra Mini version ( 10kg). The innovation concept allowed us to make the light instrument , easy to transport and travel with.The lightness does not influence quality and potentials of the sound. The sound is strong and cannot be compared to the other instruments the market offers today.

This accordion has been studied and developed from our team in a way to match the lightness of the instrument with the sound power ( required especially by the Balkan territory)


Cobra 37

Weight and sound in only 9 kg

Absolutely new in Siwa & Figli accordion collection.

Weight only 9 kg, double tone chamber, very light accordion with powerful and deep  sound.

Suitable to professionals and amateurs.


Cobra 34

Weight and the sound 

Absolutely new in the Siwa & Figli collection.

Double cassotto, a very light model with the sound strongness and professional deepness.

Suitable for both professionals and amateurs.


Cobra Mini

A new model coming for all musicians looking for a small and compact instrument.

The instrument has dimensions of a hand luggage so can be transported during the airplane trips without dissemble it. 

Weight 10 kg.

Highly reccomendable for who is looking for a small, light instrument, but at the same time, do not want to loose the powerful and clear sound.


Cobra Grande

The latest model  similar constuction of an Artist model. Excellent product. Projected to satisfy a part of market with more limited budget so this model is designed to offer an axcellent product at a good price.



A new model created for our collection Siwa & Figli. Light and professional suitable for all kinds of music, especially for jazz.

This model has the option of interchangeable reed blocks which allows to the musician to have both piccolo and musette.



Suitable to music schools, beginners and also to semi-professionals.

Possibility to design an accordion according to personal needs.



Model suitable for students, music schools and semi professionals.

Light and very comfortable in playing it.



This model is perfectly suitable to children, but also to who is looking for a small and light instrument,crafted to the actual quality standards.

Entirely “made in Italy” and paying attention even to the small details.



This model is perfectly suitable to children, but also to who is looking for a small and light instrument, crafted to the quality standards.

Entirely “made in Italy” and paying attention even to the small details.