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100% Italian luxury accordions
Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

Super Quattro

Siwa & Figli has been manufacturing button accordions since more than 20 years. The high level of craftship and addiction to details have been always its force. The personal passion of the owner for button accordions lead to the construction of light instrument, which can trasmit the force and the tonal richness, that is, above all, required in all Balkan countries.

You will not believe this is a new accordion compared to the sound it gives. You don’t have to “fight” it to get the sound out. Each reed responds instantaneously in each reed combination with uniform intensity on opening and closing of the bellows.  The sound is clear and rich.



Light and professional model. Perfect for musicians looking for strong sound but light instrument. The sound is clear and rich so you will not believe how from this compact model can get out a sound like this.

Thanks to a compact wood case and the weight ( 11 kg), this model is also very appreciated among the female musicians.


Super Cobra

Siwa & Figli developed this model taking into account the weight, which is very important for the musicians from al lover the world. Light model which conserves the features of a Super Quattro Artist , but in reduced version.


Cobra Mini

The new model enters into Siwa & Figli button collection. Perfect for all accordionists looking for a light instrument with dimensions of a hand luggage to transport all over the world.

The weight is 10 kg and it permits to insert it in the airplane directly as a hand luggage. Highly advisable as it is light with clear and sharp sound.


Cobra Plus

A new model of Cobra made for European market. Light, compact and powerful. 



Absolutely new in Siwa & Figli production. Very light especially for women, but also for who is looking for a light and compact accordion.



Student model has been developed for accordion students. Adding a midi system , this instrument can be also used by professionals. Very light and without double tone chamber.

Weight 7 kg. Reduced but professional accordion. Perfect for who is approaching to the music for a very first time and also suitable for those who are already among professionals.



The new collection for student has just arrived into this collection. Bright colors and possibility to personalize your instrument.

Suitable to all students for music schools, this model has been made taking into account the quality and high standards of Siwa & Figli.



A new model developed for French market with a very particular sound, as it is manufactured in a wood base, which improves the sound. Excellent sound, light and made for the most demanding musicians on the French market.

 Various colors and nuances on request.


Super Quattro Extra

The new model produced by Siwa & Figli. Super Quattro with bass valve decoupling shift which doubles the register combinations on the bass side. Beside this function, the model gives the possibility to the bass line to play in an indipendent way.