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100% Italian luxury accordions
Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

Bei-By Plus

A new electronic product developed by the team of Siwa & Figli engineers. Very simple to use. It looks and works like virtual accordion.

The instrument owns 22 combinations on treble A e 22 combinations on treble B and with just one click they transform on the preset for expander.

This product is advisable to all professionals and amateurs looking for a high quality electronic product , simple to use and with great efficiency , which has been tested many times.


Vivo 2

Electronic accordion equipped with midi Vivo, entirely developed and manufactured by Siwa & Figli. Simple and complete. More than 600 sounds have been developed and tested carefully ( more than 100 sounds involve accordion and are highly advised by the experts).

The accordionists can teste a great variety of sounds starting from French, Italian music to jazz etc.