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Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

A story about Siwa & Figli family

A short story about Siwa family. Something personal that you can find and feel even in Siwa & Figli accordions. Thanks to Jordan Djevic, a friend and our accordionist, who help in writing this short and interesting story.

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Siwa & Figli Promotional events & tour

Dear Friends, we are very pleased to announce new event and promotional tour of Siwa & Figli accordions which will be held in Cacak and Zabalj (Serbia) and Timisoara (Romani).  Free entrance. For more information please contact us. 

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Siwa & Figli Accordions… a modern design with “a ear on the past”

Founded in Belgrade, in 1985, by Ivan Stanojlovic and moved to Castelfidardo in 2005, the Siwa & Figli company established on the market with its excellent instruments, as a result of the experience and the craftsmanship abilities of the family, who dedicated decades to an accordion manufacturing

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A patent for handmade production of the "double rivet rounded reeds"

In 2018 Siwa & Figli has egistered a patent for "double rivet reeds" and owns exlusive rights for the production of these reeds. A very particular working process,entirely made by hand and with a strong and precise sound appreciated by the clients all over the world...

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