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100% Italian luxury accordions
Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

Accordion Siwa Figli S.Q. Extra

The model Super Quattro but equipped with the exchanger which gives the possibility to double the register combination on the bass side and to let the basses play in an indipendent way).

€ 8500.00

Accordion cover

Cover for accordion 

€ 40.00

Leather backpad

Measures 46,5 x 30,5 cm .Possibility to order it custom made with or without symbols. With or without buttons. 

€ 75.00

Velvet straps for accordion

Velvet straps of high quality for accordions 120 basses. With or without name Siwa & Figli.

€ 120.00

Leather straps for accordion

High quality leather straps for accordion. Suitable for 120 basses accordions. With or without name Siwa & Figli

€ 150.00

Accordion Super Quattro Artist

The prestigious model of the Siwa & Figli collection. The most required model Super Quattro Artist .

€ 7500.00

Accordion Emotion with exchanger

The latest model model Emotion made with the exchanger. 40 Years old aged wood , combination od walnut and maple frisè. Elegant and authentical instrument for those who loves the original instruments made in aged wood. 

€ 10500.00

Accordion Bugari

Accordion Bugari 4 chores without cassotto

in good condition as picture

€ 2500.00

Siwa & Figli accordion Noce 37

Accordion without cassotto made in 40 years old Walnut (root of the walnut tree). 37 keys, 96 basses, professional reeds. 

€ 6000.00

Siwa & Figli Super Quattro Artist 43

One of the most required models on the world market today. Created based on glorious methods, used in the 60s-70s ( the gold époque for producing accordions), this instruments maintains not only the glorious quality and the manufacturing method of the ancient instruments, but has also been created in a way to give the “handmade excellence” to the final client. With 43 keys.

€ 7500.00