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100% Italian luxury accordions
Marche Eccellenza Artigiana

Accordion Siwa Figli Explosion Luxury

  • 4/5 sets of hand made reeds
  • LMMH 
  • Double tone chamber
  • 13 different treble switches + Palm master
  • 120 bass buttons
  • 9 bass switches providing matching bass reed combinations for each of the treble sounds
  • Large volume bellows
  • Excellent balance
  • The best quality accessories available today - bellows protector, generously padded straps, and case with wheels and a second handle
€ 9000.00

Accordion Siwa Figli Explosion

The model Explosion in Luxury version . Matt Painted.

A model created following the ancient working methods of the standards in the '60/'70 ties.( the gold epoque for handmade manufacture of accordions). This models shines not only with int glorious quality and ancient working methods, but it has been projected in order to give the excellence of handmade product to the customer.

120 basses, 41 keys, double tone chamber, 4/5 chores

€ 9000.00

Accordion Siwa Figli Stradiwani

A masterpiece of Siwa Figli wooden collection. 

Prestigous accordion made entirely in 55 years old wood (used for prestigious violin construction).

41/120, 4/5 chores. 



€ 12000.00

Accordion Siwa Figli Super Quattro

Siwa & Figli has been manufacturing button accordions since more than 20 years. The high level of craftship and addiction to details have been always its force. The personal passion of the owner for button accordions lead to the construction of light instrument, which can trasmit the force and the tonal richness, that is, above all, required in all Balkan countries.

You will not believe this is a new accordion compared to the sound it gives. You don’t have to “fight” it to get the sound out. Each reed responds instantaneously in each reed combination with uniform intensity on opening and closing of the bellows.  The sound is clear and rich.


  • The best professional handmade reeds
  • 4/5 chores
  • 6 rows instrument for Balkan
  • 43 notes
  • 140 basses
  • Swarowski ornaments



€ 8000.00

Accordion Siwa Figli mod. Ivanuska

Prestige model in aged walnut 55 years. Entirely made in the root of the walnut. 

41/120 basses

4/5 chores

included leather straps and accordion case or soft bag 


€ 11000.00

Accordion Siwa Figli mod. Castello

Accordion entirely made in 55 aged walnut with exchanger on the bass.Masterpiece in wood.

43 buttons

140 basses

4/5 chores

included leather straps and hard case or soft bag .

Possibility to install microphones.


€ 15000.00

Accordion Siwa Figli S.Q. Extra

The model Super Quattro but equipped with the exchanger which gives the possibility to double the register combination on the bass side and to let the basses play in an indipendent way).

€ 8500.00

Accordion cover

Cover for accordion 

€ 60.00

Leather backpad

Measures 46,5 x 30,5 cm .Possibility to order it custom made with or without symbols. With or without buttons. 

€ 100.00

Velvet straps for accordion

Velvet straps of high quality for accordions 120 basses. With or without name Siwa & Figli.

€ 120.00