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A story about Siwa & Figli family

30 km from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, there is a small townhall called Vinča. This place is well known in the history as here the most ancient letter called “The letter of Vinča” has been discovered. The place is located on the Danube coast.If you go along the riverside, in front of the village named Ivanovo, you will come across a small town called Grocka. It looks like any other small countryside, but it is not. Precisely in this place, in the 1980, the first accordion of the brand SIWA has been made. It was a very historic day in this small town.

The first SIWA accordion has been made for a famous Serbian accordionist Moma Ivanovic. In the next 14 years SIWA produced 50 high quality , custom made accordions for famous Yugoslavian musicians. In the period from 1993 to 1998 SIWA have been organizing the accordion competitions under the name of “ The first accordion of Serbia”.

In the 1999 , Serbia has been bombarded by the leading world power countries.  The company SIWA lost everything during the night. The things that couldn't go destroyed and that the owner of SIWA, Ivan Stanojlovic, had,  was a love, knowledge and wish to go on with his accordions. In that period, the family Stanojlovic moved to a city of accordions in Italy, Castelfidardo.

Till the 2005, Ivan Stanojlovic works in the companies Borsini and Scandalli and is keeping his long lasting and sincere friendship with Raimondo Sabbatini and his family. Due to the different factors such as his musicial experience as an accordionist, to the working experience in accordions field in Serbia and in Italian companies Scandalli and Borsini, to the friendship and knowledge of the work with Sabbatini Raimondo, in the 2005. Ivan Stanojlovic started his own production of the accordions under the name “Siwa & Figli”.

Today the company manufactures the accordions of the highest quality for the musicians all over the world. The accordions Siwa & Figli are played in Europe, in South and North America, In Israel, Iran, Australia, Russia, Japan, New Zeland and should we count them all?

Siwa & Figli is a family based company. All the manufacturing process is made inside the factory “by hand” and, what is even more important, it is made with love.

The well known musicians all over the world gave to Siwa & Figli their trust and in this way they promote the sound of this particular brand.

There ia a small interesting detail in this story…something very personal…

The owner of Siwa & Figli, after moving to Castelfidardo and leaving Serbia, took only a few personal things with him, the one that could enter into his van. The 40 years old wood pieces took the most of the space.

Last year in Frankfurt, in the 2019, Siwa & Figli has been promoting the first models , entirely made in wood, the one that could not have been destroyed by the bombs and which Siwa & Figli family took with themselves to Italy. Thanks to the arduous and experienced work of the family Stanojlovic today this wood has its shape, its sole and its name – Siwa & Figli.