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A patent for handmade production of the "double rivet rounded reeds"

From the 2015, inside the factory Siwa & Figli there is a reed construction departement, which are installed in the Siwa accordions. In the past, in Castelfidardo, The reed has been made in different ways.We all remember the glorious the 60/70ties, where the "handmade" art was a routine in all the factories in Castelfidardo.

Siwa & Figli is trying to make exactly this: to return in the past, to use methods and completely handmade techniques..

In order to offer to our clients the absolute sound quality and keep it  suring the time, we decided to go for an "exclusive reed" or, in other word, to implement inside the factory a production of "double rivet reeds", named " testa a frate" ( so called "rounded rivet). The choice we have made soves the problem of "air loss" and make the reed respond quickly ( immediate action of the reed).

In 2018 Siwa & Figli has registered a patent for "double rivet reeds" and owns exlusive rights for the production of these reeds. A very particular working process,entirely made by hand and with a strong and precise sound appreciated by the clients all over the world...

Very precise working method, full of small secrets and it is exactly there that the Italian history of the reeds costruction started.

A sound that comes out these Siwa reeds is appreciated all over the world and the delivery of the Siwa & Figli accordions, on exclusive products, goes from 6 to 10 months.

Our company plans the days in which the musicians can come and test the accordions with these reeds. Call us and fix your appointement.